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The Chino Community Building, formerly known as "Red Brick School," was built on the site of what was once the Richard Gird School of 1937. In addition to its historical reference, the building has become the center of service clubs and community group meetings as well as a permanent homage to the military members of Chino.

This one-acre lot is home to two key pieces built in honor of the men and women on the Armed Forces; the American Legion Monument and Chino Liberty Courtyard.

The American Legion Monument was built and dedicated by Chino Post Number 299 to honor those fallen in battle during World War I. Names of those killed in action during World War II were later added as were those who died in subsequent armed conflicts.

Chino Liberty Courtyard, dedicated on November 11, 2016 features five-pillars as a salute to each branch of the U.S. military. The Courtyard provides a solemn space for military members, their families, and the public to honor and remember those who have served our country. The courtyard is made up of bricks purchased from community members in honor of a military veteran. Bricks are available to purchase year round and are installed in November of every year.

Rental Capacity

  • 20 to 220 people