Public Mapping Tools

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Draw a Map

A variety of map-drawing tools are available.

District R

District R is a simple online map drawing tool to create and submit redistricting maps. Please submit your maps to the Districts email.

Tools needed:

  • DistrictR - Web-Based Mapping Tool
  • Population Deviation Calculator (XLSX) - Simple tool allowing users to ensure they have a population balanced map. Please note DistrictR has a "Max Population Deviation" tool. However, this is for reference only and uses a different formula. The calculator quickly uses the formula we need to determine if a map is balanced
  • DistrictR Video - A video presentation on how to use the DistrictR program
  • DistrictR Instructions (PDF) - A step-by-step guide with screenshots showing users how to navigate the program

Paper-Only Maps

Paper-Only Maps for those without internet access or who prefer paper.

Tools needed:

Paper Maps with Spreadsheet

Paper Maps with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to calculate population totals.

Tools needed: