Chino Cares Challenge

Emergency KitThe Chino Cares Earthquake Preparedness Challenge

Each year, the months of September and October highlight the importance emergency preparedness with several key events. September is National Preparedness Month and October has the Great ShakeOut, which is the world's largest earthquake drill, and National Fire Prevention Week, which is a week-long campaign that focuses on fire safety education.

To celebrate, we are challenging the Chino community with a second Chino Cares Challenge. We want you to be prepared for when disaster strikes and to help you, we have come up with a fun and interactive way to earn FREE earthquake preparedness supplies.

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Take the Challenge, Chino!

  1. How to Participate
  2. How to Claim Preparedness Items
  3. Videos

Complete one or more of the following tasks. The more tasks you complete, the more preparedness items you will earn!

Don't forget to fill out the participant verification form.

  1. Stay informed - sign up or update your contact information in Chino Notify, our emergency mass notification system
  2. Get information from reliable sources- sign up to receive City e-newsletters and follow the City, Police, and Fire on our social media:
  3. Create a family disaster plan - we have templates available for you and your family to work together to create your own disaster plan. Feel free to use the templates below or create your own that fits your family's needs.
  4. Help First Responders - sign up for Community Connect and enter information that can help first responders assist more effectively during an emergency.
  5. Attend an emergency preparedness training:


For each task that you complete, you will earn the following preparedness items:

  • 1 task = receive earthquake/museum putty
  • 2 tasks = receive earthquake/museum putty and emergency whistle
  • 3 tasks = receive all items from previous tasks and hand crank flashlight
  • 4 tasks = receive all items from previous tasks and first aid kit
  • Complete all 5 tasks = receive all items from previous tasks and emergency shutoff tool