Trespass Arrest Authorization Form

In order to better protect your business and property from unlawful trespassers, the Chino Police Department has provided a Trespass Arrest Authorization Form.

If a Chino Police Officer observes someone on private property when the business is closed or a problem is reported by someone who does not have the authority to sign a trespassing complaint, Chino Police Officers would be required to contact the person who is legally responsible for the property before removing or arresting the trespasser. By signing the Trespass Arrest Authorization Form, you are allowing Chino Police Department Officers to take trespass enforcement action on your behalf without first contacting you. The Trespass Arrest Authorization Form gives the Chino Police Department Officers permission to take actions on your behalf even if immediate contact with the owner/tenant is not possible. During business hours, the owner/tenant may be requested to sign a private person arrest form to arrest a trespasser on the property.

By completing and signing the attached Trespass Arrest Authorization Form, owners, managers, or tenants of a property authorize the Chino Police Department Officers to remove or arrest any persons present on your property who do not have permission to be there or have lawful business. You are also identifying yourself as the responsible party for the property and designate every police officer employed by the Chino Police Department to act as your agent and representative for the purpose of enforcing trespass violations on your property as set forth in the California Penal Code section 602.


If you would like to authorize the Chino Police Department to take such actions on your behalf, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • A current Trespass Arrest Authorization Form must be signed and on file with the Chino Police Department. It is valid for twelve months and must be renewed every year. It is your responsibility to submit a new Form at the end of the twelve months if the need still exists. In the event there is a change of ownership of the property, the owner, agent, or person in lawful possession must notify the Chino Police Department of such changes.
  • Your property must have a "No Trespassing" sign posted. Do not add any other verbiage to the sign.
  • Business hours must be posted on the premise and visible to the public.
  • During regular business hours, you may be requested to sign a private person arrest form to arrest a trespasser on your property.

In addition to these requirements, business owners or managers may be required to appear in court if a person is arrested on your property for trespassing.

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