Traffic Services Unit

The Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic safety throughout the city and the investigation of significant or fatal traffic collisions. This is accomplished through public education, enforcement, and engineering. The Traffic Unit reviews, approves and processes all traffic collision reports, along with investigating all hit and run collisions and DUI investigations.

In 2017 the Traffic Unit developed the hashtag (#) reference: #thinkanddrive social media campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of unsafe driving. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Traffic Services Officer on MotorcycleImpaired driving (drugs and alcohol)
  • Distracted driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Street racing
  • Motorcycle safety
  • Seatbelt use

Help support the campaign by using the #thinkanddrive slogan, sharing our posts, and driving safely!

Traffic Enforcement & Vehicle Inspections

For traffic enforcement requests and complaints such as parking violations, abandoned vehicles, and speeding complaints, or to request vehicle inspections for business licensing requirements, contact the Traffic Enforcement Unit.

  1. Street Sweeping
  2. Speed Limits
  3. Partnerships & Campaigns

Chino Municipal Code 10.28.065: No parking on specified streets during specified days and hours. For more information view the Notice to College Park and Preserve Residents Regarding Street Sweeping Enforcement (PDF).