City Trees

Tree Maintenance

The City of Chino's public trees provide multiple environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits for residents, businesses and visitors. Trees provide shade and reduce energy consumption. They improve air and water quality, provide habitat value, attract tourists, businesses and customers, and impart a distinct character to our city.

The Public Works Services Division is committed to maintaining City trees by provides routine preventative tree maintenance throughout the city on regular cycles. The division also oversees the planting of new trees in the right-of-way as well as removal of diseased trees. Trees in the public right-of-way and maintenance districts are maintained in accordance with a pre-determined schedule.

Special pruning requests to address building clearance and line-of-sight issues with signs and signals are reviewed and responded to on a case-by-case basis. Please report trees that are in need of trimming or other maintenance by calling 909-334-3266 or by visiting our Report a Concern page.

Areas Not Maintained by the City

The division oversees the maintenance and care of all City trees; however, certain trees (and landscaping areas) are maintained by homeowner's associations. Some areas that contain trees that are not maintained by the City include:

  • College Park
    Contact Phone Number: 909-606-7474
  • The Preserve
    Contact Phone Number: 909-606-7446