Transportation Operations

The Transportation Engineering Division is responsible for the efficient movement of vehicles and people within the public street right-of-way. This is achieved through the maintenance and operation of the City's traffic signal and communication system, implementation of signage and pavement markings and responding to traffic requests and concerns. This Division also operates as a liaison between the City and private, state, and federal offices to ensure maximum efficiency of roadway and signal operations.

The Transportation Engineering Division recently implemented a Central Traffic Control System to manage the City's Traffic Signals. The central system software allows staff to monitor the status of connected traffic signals throughout the City from the traffic signal management center at City Hall, and make necessary adjustments. Overall, this software enhances the optimization and signal coordination throughout the City.

Transportation staff can be reached by contacting the Public Works Department to report traffic signal concerns, transportation issues or to request information.

Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation - East End Avenue at Schaefer Avenue

Riverside Drive Street Light