East Chino

Adopted in March 1987, the East Chino Specific Plan Study Area is located in the southeastern portion of the City. The 972 acre site is generally bounded by Euclid, Riverside, Eucalyptus, and Mountain Avenues. The majority of existing land uses within the specific plan area are presently related to milk and calf production, primarily as feeding yards and areas devoted to production of fodder for cattle.

East Chino is in the process of transitioning from a principally agricultural/dairy land use to suburban residential and commercial land uses. This evolutionary process has evidenced itself on scattered parcels within the study area as well as throughout the development of the surrounding areas. The East Chino Specific Plan provides guidance for development at the subdivision, parcel map or site approval levels and is the fundamental reference for determining basic use, residential densities and standards for development. It provides the framework within which individual projects must work if the entire area is to develop in a sensitive and orderly fashion.