The Chino Planning Division is responsible for providing guidance for the safe and orderly physical development of the City. As part of the Development Services Department, the Planning Division's duties include assisting citizens, businesses, and other City Departments in managing land to ensure that land uses comply with the City's General Plan, Specific Plans and Zoning regulations, while meeting the needs of the City and its citizens.

The Planning Division coordinates with the Planning Commission to process and review development projects and subdivision maps, and approves land use and other zoning applications. In addition, the Division works with the Planning Commission and City Council to modify and update the City's General Plan, Specific Plans, and Zoning Ordinance from time to time as needed, or to address new State legislation.

The General Plan defines the long-range goals and intentions regarding the nature and direction of future development within the City. It contains elements related to physical development of the community including land use, transportation, park and recreation, noise, air quality, safety, housing, and community character and health, as well as details regarding the City's zoning.

The Division also serves the City by providing technical assistance and planning information to the public. For specific information regarding land use or development standards regarding a certain property, please contact the Planning Division. Additionally, you can view a list of the current Planning Activity Applications (PDF).